Cork and Wood signs

For years we have wanted to offer our designs with greater efficiency but didn't want to compromise our materials. We are now so excited to be launching our new cork and wood collection July 2017!

These framed cork signs and blocks are rich, warm, inviting, and so fabulous! We love that they are organic and earthy and stay true to our love for real materials!

Our cork and wood line is versatile and will compliment many decorating styles - from farmhouse, to bohemian, to modern.

In addition, we have the opportunity to partner with another fabulous company on this endeavor!

Anew Nature is a St. Louis-based furniture restoration and design house that aims to teach vocational skills to unemployed, at-risk inner city men - many with felony convictions who would not have this opportunity elsewhere.  Anew Nature's goal is to equip them with marketable skills that will translate into REAL jobs that can be retained over time.  We love the difference Anew Nature is making in the lives of these men and wanted to partner with them as they share so many of our values to reclaim not just materials but lives as well.  Each cork and wood sign we sell will contribute to this great company and work!