Family Like branches on a tree | Family Wall Decal

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This nostalgic family quote in an alluringly designed vinyl decal can grace any wall in your home.   This family quote is a customer favorite.  

"Family like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one."

Wonderfully worded for a family photo wall in a hallway, living room, bedroom or office space.  Installing this inspirational quote is a lovely reminder of your family roots and what binds you all together.   

Wall words are an easy way to tell your story and to spruce up a room without the mess of paint! 

Our vinyl wall decals are set apart because our designs are original to Old Barn Rescue Company by Adonna Deibel our typography expert. 

Our wall decals are made of a high quality, super thin, matte vinyl so they look like they are hand-painted on your surface 

The design will come pre-spaced and laid out just as shown in our picture.  You don't have to put each letter on individually!

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