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What sets Old Barn Rescue Company wall decals apart from others?
  • All our designs are original to Old Barn Rescue Company by Adonna Deibel - our calligraphy artist, typography expert, and co-owner.  
  • Many of our quotes are hand-lettered designs by Adonna which means you will not find any other just like it anywhere!  
  • Old Barn Rescue Company’s wall art sticker designs look like they are hand-painted on your surface because they are made of high quality, super thin, matte vinyl.
Why are wall art stickers such a great option for decorating a wall space?
  • Vinyl lettering is easily removed, making it a wonderful decorating tool even if you live in an apartment or dorm.
  • Each design comes pre-spaced and laid out just as shown in our pictures.
  • You don't have to put each letter on individually!  
  • All you need to do is peel off the backing and apply it to the smooth surface of your choice.
How do I apply the design to the wall?
  • We will include detailed instruction with your order.  Please refer to instructions online for extra tips.  
  • Many of our graphics are large with lots of detail.  Please watch our installation video for our best tips on successful application.  Please take your time and have extra hands to help. 

What surfaces can the vinyl go on?

  • Our vinyl sticker designs will go on almost any smooth, non-porous surface such as walls, windows, tile, doors, furniture, plastic and mirrors.
  • If you have just painted your surface we recommend waiting 2 weeks before applying your vinyl wall decal. 
  • Removal is easy but once they are removed, the designs are not reusable.
  • The vinyl wall decal will not adhere properly to walls that have more than an orange-peel texture.  We can send you a sample to test if you are unsure. 

Why is the test sample included with my wall decal important?  

**You must test the sample on the exact surface your decal is going on.  

  • Our sample is the best way to know if your decal will adhere properly or if problems might arise.
  • Some paints and wall surfaces do not take matte vinyl well so we need to catch a problem before you go to the trouble of applying the graphic to a surface that won't accept it properly.  We hope to avoid lots of possible frustration!   
  • You can remove the test vinyl with your fingers without any damage to your surface.  
  • We do not give refunds for used graphics.  
What if the vinyl is not sticking to my wall?
  • Using a hair dryer to heat up the lettering as you apply it will help the lettering stick.
  • wall graphics need to be applied in a timely manner. The longer the vinyl sits after being cut, the harder it becomes to release from the backing paper. As you plan the timing of your purchase, also know that new paint needs to cure at least 2 weeks before applying vinyl or the vinyl will not want to stick. 
  • If you encounter any problems with installation and the video tips are not working, please stop the process and contact us via email so that we can try to assist you.
Can I get color samples?
  • Yes, you bet!  
  • Computer screens can show colors differently.  We would rather you be certain that the color you are choosing will work for your space.
  • Email us the colors you would like to see and your address.

 How do I determine what size is best for my space?

  • Pictures often make sizes look deceiving. We suggest taping off the space on your wall that you would like to fill and then measure it to determine the size you need. 
  • Our sizes are posted in inches with length (first) x height (second)

What is up-cycled decor?  (What we lovingly refer to as "Rescued by Old Barn Rescue")

  • The materials used for these items are authentically reclaimed which means they are genuinely aged materials with flaws, scratches, and minor imperfections which just add to the beauty and charm. 
  • Sometimes we freshen up the piece with new paint but, of course, sand it back again showing its wonderful history.  It is this history that can not be manufactured anywhere and gives the reclaimed wall art so much character and depth! 
  • There is the only ONE available! It is truly one-of-a-kind!  There are no exact duplicates.
  • Often a very lengthy cleaning process is involved before creating takes place, but we personally give much love and attention to bring out the charm in each found object so it can have life again in your home and you can express your story beautifully.