Have courage | Princess Cinderella | Kids Wall Decals

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Kids wall decals with this Cinderella quote will surely bring courage, kindness, magic and goodness to any wall space!  

"Have courage and be kind...where there is kindness there is goodness, and where there is goodness there is magic." - Cinderella

Childrens wall decals can complete any Cinderella princess decor.  Words have power. Cinderella's inspirational words look stunning in this really large wall decal in a nursery right over the crib or your little girl's room above her bed.  Apply this on a playroom wall and inspire your little ones courage and kindness!

With Adonna's lovely design of this timeless quote, your Old Barn Rescue wall decal can help you express it beautifully.

This inspirational wall art is made of a high quality, super thin, matte vinyl so it will look hand-painted on your wall. 

Vinyl lettering is easily removed, so kids wall decals will even work in an apartment or dorm. 

The design comes pre-spaced and laid out just as shown in our picture. You don't have to put each letter on individually!

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