In this home wall art - Window art

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This unique wall art features a classic home quote in an original design by Old Barn Rescue Company on a vintage window.

"In this home We laugh a lot. We do messy. We do loud really well. We make mistakes. We say we're sorry.  We give hugs.  We cherish family.  We find grace. We do life. We do love."

Created on reclaimed vintage windows with glorious imperfections. Our reclaimed window art is truly unique and unlike no other.

This reclaimed window frame is painted shabby warm grey and has complimentary brown lettering.  The window measures 31" x 33"

All our reclaimed windows come ready to hang with D-rings.

All of our window art is created by hand using truly vintage materials we have salvaged and rescued. We strive to capture and retain the original beauty of the wood and accessories, yet place them in a new light and setting. Each creation that results is unique and truly one-of-a-kind, containing the minor imperfections of the aged materials we work with.  No exact duplicates are possible - which is a wonderful selling point for your customers.

All lettering designs are © Old Barn Rescue Company, LLC all rights reserved. All products, images, styling and text are copyrighted and intellectual property of Old Barn Rescue Company, LLC. DO NOT COPY

A purchase of 10 windows is required to meet the listed packaging and shipping cost - $29/window.  If you would like to purchase less, please contact us at and we can get you the new packaging/shipping cost.  (5 windows will be approximately $42/window)