Inspirational wall art | Little By Little One Travels Far

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This inspirational wall art reminds us that progress is sometimes little by little.  

“Little by little one travels far”

Removable wall decals with this treasured little expression can enliven and space, even an apartment wall or college dorm room!  Apply these wall words in an office space to provide the right amout of encouragment as you work.  You can use this inspirational wall art to decorate an entry way or mudroom as you enter and leave your home.

The calligraphy writing for this quote is original to Old Barn Rescue Company by Adonna Deibel, our calligraphy artist, typography expert, and co-owner, making these wall words truly unique to what you will find elsewhere.  Our vinyl wall decals have a matte finish so this quote will look like Adonna came and hand painted it on your wall herself.

Application instructions and a test sample are included with every shipment but you do not have to apply each letter or word individually.  The wall words will come in one pre-spaced sheet.

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