You are my sunshine Art | Children's Wall Art

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This children's wall art will capture your heart as much as the words to this childhood song do.

"You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are gray"

This beautiful song stirs up so many memories and stories so Adonna used her lettering expertise to design these gorgeous wall words to make a stunning impact.  Such a beautiful wall decal over your child's crib or bed will soothe them to sleep even if you don't have most beautiful voice!   

Wall decals can add so much to your child's room or nursery in just minutes without the mess of paint.  Our vinyl lettering has a MATTE finish and can go on almost any CLEAN, smooth, dry, non-porous surface.  You don't have to put each letter on individually!  Application instructions and a test sample are included with every shipment. 

This dearly loved song will look hand-painted on your wall. 

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