Woodland Theme Decal | Pine trees

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Set of 3 separate Pine Trees * Sizes: 22" x 66", 19" x 55", and 15" x 47"

The perfect set of 3 pine tree wall decals for your woodland theme nursery or room.  These tree wall decals compliment an adventure nursery themed nursery decor.  Does your child or family love the outdoors, hiking, skiing, or snowboarding?  These pine tree wall decals are a great way to make a huge statement in just minutes.  Make these pine trees a wonderful accent to your office, den space, or family room.

Just need one tree? We have a listing for that!

These tree wall decals are made of a high quality, super thin, matte vinyl so it will look hand-painted on your surface. Vinyl decals can be easily removed, so these pine trees are a great option for decorating an apartment or dorm room.

Our vinyl can go on almost any CLEAN, smooth, dry, non-porous surface (wall, glass, plastic, etc.).  It is removable although not reusable.   We ask that you watch our installation video for our best tips on successful application.  Also, know that you should take your time and have extra hands to help as this pine tree is very large. 

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